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Create your own SPA with Piroche Cosmétiques

Piroche Cosmétiques, a South Tyrolean company with over 40 years of experience in the field of professional cosmetics in collaboration with beauty salons, beauty farms and SPAs.

The company's successful mission is to derive maximum benefit from a combination of nature, research cosmetics and wellness culture: a goal achieved with the "Piroche Cosmétiques Method" based on bioenergetics. Effective body and facial treatments, the result of which is a genuine psychophysical well-being reflected in a fresh, radiant and absolutely natural appearance.

Piroche Method

Inspired by ancient Chinese medicine, enriched with precious ingredients and cosmetic technology to restore the perfect balance between body, mind and spirit. Piroche Cosmétiques treatments are based on three principles: detox, stimulate, regenerate.


The bioenergetic drainage developed by Piroche Cosmétiques in combination with the active ingredients of Piroche Cosmétiques products cleanses the body of toxins that have accumulated due to poor nutrition, negative environmental influences and stress. Only after purification is the body ready to absorb new valuable substances.


By combining bio-aroma blends of selected essential oils with Piroche Cosmétiques products, chosen according to the individual needs of the person, the beautician offers treatments that meet the energetic and cosmetic needs of the body. In this way, body and mind are restored to their natural balance.


The result of the effective treatment concept is holistic: it leads to the regeneration and activation of the body's cells; the regeneration of the mind restores inner balance.

Each Piroche Cosmétiques beauty ritual restores balance and harmony, relieves tension and gives a wonderful feeling of well-being and renewal. The skin appears transformed, more relaxed and radiant.



With more than 40 years of experience in the laboratory, based on research and understanding of the skin's needs, we can offer facial treatments that can be tailored to specific and individual needs and produce visible results. The facial treatments counteract the various unsightly manifestations of the skin, such as the negative effects of stress and skin ageing. They give the organism a deep physical and mental well-being, which is reflected in a more youthful and completely natural appearance.

Detox Treatment

A cleansing and detoxifying treatment that gives the skin new energy and keeps it looking young and fresh for longer. The face appears more relaxed and radiant.

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Pure Hydration Treatment

An intensive hydration and antioxidant programme with hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10 to restore the skin's moisture balance. A unique sensory experience thanks to light and silky textures. Skin is deeply moisturised for more elasticity, softness and fullness.

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Pure Hydration Gatuline® Expression Treatment

An intensive programme to combat the formation of expression lines and protect against premature ageing. The result is instant radiance and beauty.

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Rosalpina & Alpine Herbs Treatment

This facial treatment is characterised by the complete naturalness of the products. The effectiveness of rhododendron stem cells and dermofunctional active ingredients from Alpine plants make this treatment a must-have for sensitive and delicate skin.

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For Men

A treatment specially developed for men's skin that gives the skin new energy and keeps it looking young and fresh for longer. The effective combination of natural active ingredients makes the face look more relaxed and radiant.

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The latest scientific findings and the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine are incorporated into our body treatments. This results in beauty rituals with a holistic approach, based on the balance of body, soul and spirit, supported by technology and the formulas of highly effective plants. Each treatment can be customised and tailored to specific problems. The body regains definition, tone and harmony.

Bioenergetic body treatment

This effective drainage technique is performed with a special drainage device, in combination with essential oils and natural active ingredients that stimulate the metabolism and give new energy to the tissues. The body regains its energetic balance and harmony, which is also reflected in its appearance.

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Cellulite treatment

An effective combination of selected products allows you to treat the areas most affected by cellulite. An ideal treatment for detoxification, drainage and firming of the tissues.

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Rosalpina treatment

Experience the feeling of relaxation, lightness and new energy. Immerse yourself in the magical scents of alpine plants combined with a unique treatment. Rhododendron stem cells protect the skin and increase its resistance. Swiss stone pine, mountain pine, arnica and St. John's wort give this energetic massage its alpine flair.

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Sports treatment

The Sports products for stretching, myofascial and sports massages help to reduce feelings of fatigue and quickly rebalance muscle tone. They naturally relieve muscle pain and tension for an immediate feeling of well-being.

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The Emplatre d'Algues and Mineral Body Mask body wraps from Piroche Cosmétiques combine the beneficial properties of Laminaria digitata algae and clay with the cosmetic and aromatherapeutic effects of various essential oils, which have relaxing, detoxifying, toning and refreshing effects. They provide the skin with precious active ingredients and give a magical feeling of relaxation to body and mind.

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Piroche Cosmétiques' bath cosmetics transform the bath into a real application, using the aromatherapy and cosmetic properties of essential oils.

Enjoy a bath like this, this ideal combination of beauty and well-being.

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body wrap

The Body Wrap is a beauty treatment that combines an effective concentration of functional active ingredients with a gentle compression action through wrapping, which supports the draining and sculpting effect. Treatments that give an intense feeling of lightness.

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