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Piroche Cosmétiques
For more than 40 years, a manufacturer of cosmetic products

Piroche Cosmétiques is a family business surrounded by the unspoilt nature of South Tyrol that is a daily source of inspiration. It is here that we have worked for more than 40 years, as a manufacturer of natural cosmetic products; of absolute quality, dedicated to beauty salons, beauty farms, SPAs and health centres. In the field of effective beauty care, we have the maximum experience as a cosmetics manufacturer, combining an unconditional love of nature, technology and the culture of well-being.

01 azienda piroche cosmetique
02 azienda piroche cosmetique

Our products are rich in natural active substances: crystal clear mountain spring water of the highest purity, alpine herbs with extraordinary properties, highest quality phytoextracts, pure essential oils, seaweed from Brittany and carefully selected clays. Every natural extract contains substances that perform a specific action. The combination of multiple extracts in specific and cutting-edge formulations allow for a targeted and customised effect.

Research and development

Our research and development laboratories for the production of cosmetics are fully integrated into the South Tyrolean landscape. The purity and authenticity of local raw materials provide unique assets to the company. Technological innovation at the disposal of our research team and close collaboration with external research teams and universities, make it possible to make the most of the purity and performance of the active ingredients. As a result, we can guarantee safeand effectivecosmetic formulas to make every product a concentrate of technology and effectiveness.

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02 ricerca e sviluppo piroche cosmetique

Cosmetics 100% made in Italy

From the selection of raw materials, through research in our laboratories and production, to bottling and packaging – all stages take place at our headquarters in Merano, where the entire production chain is subject to direct control.

Cosmetics according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

High quality and safety guaranteed along the entire production chain.

All phases, from production to bottling and shipping, are carried out in full compliance with the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (regarding people, technology and management) to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety, not only for the final product but along the entire production chain.

Piroche worldwide


Austria, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Russia and Taiwan: we export beauty made in Merano abroad through excellent partners who share the same values, our philosophy of holistic well-being and responsible beauty.

It is also thanks to their valuable work that we have managed over the years to increase the effectiveness of our cosmetics and to make our brand known all over the world.