01 lymphodrainer piroche cosmetique


Piroche Cosmétiques uses the effectiveness of advanced technologies in its method for professional facial and body treatments. Our company's high-quality beauty equipment supports the professionalism of the therapist and ensures excellent results with customised work programmes tailored to the needs of each customer.

01 lymphodrainer piroche cosmetique
02 lymphodrainer piroche cosmetique

Lymphodrainer is a dynamic suction bell massage device that revolutionises the world of beauty care by optimising and contributing to all body and facial treatments:

  • Draining and counteracting oedemas
  • Stimulating the skin’s microcirculation
  • Helping to eliminate toxins
  • Evening out skin tone
  • Stimulating oxygenation

Visible results can already be seen after the first applications.

Lymphodrainer is a non-invasive lymphatic drainage device for beauty care that helps accelerate fluid flow and stimulates metabolism.

It works quickly and completely safely by respecting the natural skin structure.