01 collabs piroche cosmetique


We believe in the power of collaboration, that the exchange of ideas and experiences between several minds can always create something new, innovative and unique.

We are excited to partner with companies that want to work with us to develop excellent cosmetic products.

Whether it is a single product or a whole line, we accompany the development of customised cosmetics at all stages: from meeting the partner's requirements to formulating it to meet their expectations. From the artisanal production to the careful packaging in every detail, to the graphic design of the packaging that emphasises the quality and beauty of the product while highlighting its stability and safety. We offer a comprehensive advisory service, backed by more than 40 years of expertise and state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring efficient production in a short time, even in small batches.

01 collabs piroche cosmetique
02 collabs piroche cosmetique


Born from the vision of PRIMA, the Bolzano-based studio that designs and manufactures objects and accessories for upscale hotels and restaurants, NOT JUST BODYCARE is the cosmetics line developed and produced in our company in Merano and intended for luxury hotels.

Produced locally in South Tyrol, this line is inspired by nature and embodies the most authentic spirit of the South Tyrolean land. Formulas made from herbs, local plants and mountain water result in special, revitalising and relaxing formulas that give well-being to the body.