01 team piroche cosmetique

We are Family

01 team piroche cosmetique

At Piroche, we see ourselves as a well-coordinated team, as a "family" in the truest sense of the word.

For years we have been working together with passion at our headquarters in Merano, in the heart of the dreamlike natural landscape of South Tyrol. Each of us has specialised training, experience and specific knowledge that he or she imparts to the others. This unique interplay of skills gives rise to each and every product, from research and development to the production, packaging and marketing of Skincare made in Merano.

Let us introduce you to our family!



Everything started with a dream, that of Mario Pirone for the well-being and love of his homeland. In 1981 he founded Piroche Cosmétiques and his dreams still inspire and guide us today.



Since 1998 she has been our cosmetologist chemist.  Thanks to her experience, Deborah is the brains as well as the strength behind our precious formulas that are at the base of our cosmetics.


Export & Marketing Strategist

From Merano to the rest of the world. We communicate and export our cosmetics to spas and beauty centres all over the world, thanks to Sara, who coordinates internationalisation and marketing services.


Front Desk

The first smile you see when you walk in the door and the first voice you hear on the telephone. Antonella, with her courtesy and availability, is the image of our company and our best business card.



Numbers are her passion. Claudia analyses and interprets them for us, transforming them into an indispensable decision-making and control tool.

Matteo and Davide

Production Department

It is here that all the magic happens, where dreams finally take shape. Here our cosmetics are created thanks to the experience and skill of our production department.

Marzia and Michela

Packaging Department

Love at first sight. It is the first thing we see and touch.  The packaging holds the results of all our work that is why we take care of every detail.


Warehouse and Logistics

Travelling towards you. After the last checks have been carried out, Stefano carefully packs the products and plans shipments so that you receive them on time and in the best possible way.