Piroche Cosmétiques

Piroche Cosmétiques facial skin care products are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. The formulations, each different from the other, are therefore unique and have different active ingredients andtextures. They are specially designed in our laboratory in Merano to blend perfectly with the skin and perform a targeted action. Firmness, a lifting effect and glow: Piroche Cosmétiques offers facial care products adapted to different age groups and individual beauty needs. They target potential skin problems and help restore natural glow!

Rosalpina & alpine herbs

Daily stress, pollution and climate change are among the main causes of skin ageing. Piroche Cosmétiques has discovered the secret to timeless beauty in the high Alpine peaks: the rhododendron, the most beautiful plant of the Alpine flora, also known as the Alpine rose.

Beautiful and strong, it withstands extreme conditions such as exceptional cold and UV radiation. Innovative technologies have made it possible to reproduce the culture of rhododendron stem cells without endangering this rare plant.

Alpine rose extracts help protect the skin from the harmful effects of stress, pollution and climate change by stimulating natural defence mechanisms and strengthening the protective skin barrier.

Age protect
Stem cells extracted from the leaves of the Alpine rose have a valuable anti-ageing effect by stimulating the skin's vitality and promoting regeneration and elasticity.