Body Care
Our body care products

The Body care line of Piroche Cosmétiques includes a rich selection of products for the well-being and beauty of the body. In the make-up booth, like at home, they take care of the skin in an absolutely unique and natural way, thanks to the high-performance formulas rich in precious active ingredients.

Piroche Cosmétiques' body care products offer the right solution for every need and beauty desire, whether to refine, firm the skin, fight cellulite or improve athletic performance naturally. They guarantee not only visible results, but also a feeling of absolute well-being.

Cellulite system

Reduces skin surface irregularities and fat pads, improves skin tone and elasticity. The products in the Cellulite System line combat the unsightly appearance of cellulite, draining and firming. The active ingredients fight orange peel skin and fat deposits and give the epidermis more tone and elasticity.