Professional Line

What’s our secret? More than 40 years of Made in Meranobeauty expertise infused in every single professional product. Advanced formulas and a perfect combination of cosmetic research and unconditional love for nature. Exceptionally effective ingredients combined with the experienced hands and techniques of beauty specialists give tailor-made sensory experiences. The products and the Piroche Cosmétiques Method make it possible to customise every treatment according to the skin needs and beauty desires of each person.

Emplatre d’Algues

Seaweed is an elixir that contains minerals, trace elements and vitamins. They moisturise the skin, activate the metabolism, cleanse and drain the body.

The secret of the Piroche Cosmétiques wraps: Ready-made cosmetic preparations based on Laminaria digitata from Brittany and white clay which, in combination with essential oils, act specifically on various imperfections.